March 1, 2022

Dogs with Wings

Toba will be welcoming a new office member—it has 4 legs, floppy ears, and an amazing sense of smell!

We’re getting a facility dog as part of our Helping Hounds program, partnering with Alberta-based Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society. It is so important that every child who comes through our doors feels safe and comfortable, and we know that our newest furry staff member will play an important role.

Dogs with Wings have been changing lives for the better since 1996. Dogs in their program are only three days old when their special care and training begins. They review the list of organizations who have requested a service dog along with the skills needed to do a particular job. They evaluate the young dogs in their care, consider the temperament of each one, and play matchmaker selecting the right dog for the right job. The dog’s training is then refined to meet the needs for their future career. 

Facility dogs are trained to support people in the following ways:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction for children and adults
  • Companionship for facility clients and staff
  • Relationship-building
  • Learning opportunities
  • Canine-assisted education
  • Canine-assisted intervention

Follow us at @TobaCentreMB on Facebook, @TobaCentre on Twitter, tobacentremb on Instagram and watch for updates on our new furry friend.

Also, as a charity, Dogs with Wings relies on donations to be able to train service dogs for special service in the community. We invite you to consider supporting their efforts.

dogs with Wings