Toba Circle of care

As a community driven organization, Toba Centre relies upon community donations and in-kind support to ensure we can deliver the standard of service children and families of Manitoba deserve. As we develop into a full service child advocacy centre providing wrap around care, we need your help!

Join The Toba
Circle Of Care

We invite you to step into the Toba Circle of Care with a commitment to supporting the healing and recovery of children who have been abused.

As a community, we have an opportunity to give back what has been taken; to do more, to show children that they are valued and their community is behind them. 

When you donate to Toba Centre, you are directly impacting children and families who have been impacted by abuse.

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Case Navigation Program

Case Navigators stand with each child/family, walking with them through their journey, investing in their short and long term path to wellness.

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Family Support

Each child and family are unique and we want to ensure each of them gets what they need to heal. This could include animal therapy, gym memberships, camps, entertainment, zoo visits, sports, etc – all things that let kids be kids.

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Toba Centre provides nourishing snacks and refreshments to children and families accessing our services.

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Wellness Programming

It’s crucial that we support the wellness of professionals who are involved in supporting children and families impacted by abuse.

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Pilot Projects & Specialized Programming

Pilot projects allow us to create innovative programs to support children and families impacted by abuse.

Cultural Healing

Practices and traditions that define and help create identity and belonging for children and families healing from abuse.

Toba Helping Hounds
Toba’s Helping Hounds

Our Helping Hounds play an important role in ensuring that every child feels safe, loved, and supported. Funds will support the cost of Duke and Booster’s food, special treats, toys, vet bills, and extra training.