May 6, 2021

Navigators Help Steer Families Through Rough Times

In 2020, Toba Centre launched our Case Navigation Program, providing a new resource for children and families coping with child abuse. 

When child abuse is reported, a number of processes are triggered, and through it all children and families can be left feeling traumatized, lost and alone. Often families don’t really understand what’s happened, how to help their child, or know how to access services to help them heal.

From left to right: Katie Desilets, Emily Richard and Steven Nero. Missing: Stephanie Levesque.
From left to right: Katie Desilets, Emily Richard and Steven Nero. Missing: Stephanie Levesque.

The services and support provided through our Case Navigator Program is consistent with the model used by child advocacy centres around the world to educate and support families dealing with child abuse. A Case Navigator’s job is to provide assistance in navigating the multiple systems involved in responding to child abuse. They are a consistent presence directing families to support as children and families encounter new challenges and seek help in many forms.

With four Case Navigators now providing services, Toba Centre has taken one of many steps forward in building wrap-around services for families. By providing consistent and continuous support, families are better prepared to navigate the judicial system and to walk their journey towards healing.

“The focus of victim support and advocacy is to help reduce trauma for the child and non-offending family members and to improve outcomes.”

–National Children’s Alliance, Standards for Accredited Members 2011