January 21, 2021

Snowflake Place Changes Its Name to Toba Centre for Children & Youth

Snowflake Place is officially changing its name to Toba Centre for Children & Youth. The name change comes as the organization continues to expand and evolve, bringing in more resources and planning for the future. 

Toba, short for Manitoba, connects the centre geographically. The evolution of the name Manitoba mirrors the history of the region it resides in. “At the Lake Manitoba Narrows, a strong wind can send waves washing against the limestone rocks of an offshore island. The waves’ unique sound is said to be the Manitou, or Great Spirit (in Ojibway, “Manito-bau”). The legend survives in the Province’s name.” Incorporated into the brand are the centre’s primary responsibilities of Safety, Justice and Healing.  

“What we are doing right now is aligning everything to set ourselves up to become the organization we were always meant to be,” says Christy Dzikowicz, Executive Director of Toba Centre for Children & Youth. “We work for all of Manitoba and are here to help children and families across the Province.  We want all Manitobans to feel like they have a role in protecting children and walking alongside us and alongside our young people. While Snowflake Place had a wonderful backstory in terms of the symbolism of what that meant, we’re looking to charge into the future and be more bold in how we care for kids – we’re very optimistic. Kids are resilient and we want to focus on strength and the expectation that we must always do more to fuel the resiliency of children, youth and their families.”

There was little name recognition with Snowflake Place, the majority of Manitobans were not aware of the services it provides and the important work the organization does within the community. A change in name is a first step to building a strong presence in the community. “We want Manitobans to feel that Toba Centre is something they can get behind and support,” says Karen Chymy, Director of Operations at Toba Centre. “When you consider that Toba Centre for Children & Youth is a centre for Safety, Justice and Healing, there really is a role for so many Manitobans.   And while our issue is a very difficult one and it’s a hard thing to talk about, we believe that if we put the proper supports in place for children and youth, and for their families – we will help create a brighter future for Manitoba.”  

Toba Centre is looking forward to inviting Manitobans in to create a community around children and families impacted by abuse and violence.  Together, with Manitobans, we will work to ensure children’s needs are put first.