October 3, 2022

Child Abuse Awareness Month

This October, in recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month, we are raising awareness about child abuse and the important role communities play in keeping children and youth safe through our All Kids Deserve a Team #GoBlueToba campaign. 

The sad reality is child abuse is a very significant problem in all communities; it does not discriminate by culture, socio-economic status or geography.  1 in 3 Canadians have been impacted by some form of abuse prior to the age of 15 and here in Manitoba, approximately 4,000 child abuse investigations are undertaken every year.  It is widely believed that many more cases of child abuse go unreported. Without proper supports, the long-term impacts of child abuse are far-reaching and include addictions, criminal activity, homelessness, poverty, and mental health impacts.   When kids have a team supporting them, they are extraordinarily resilient.

While we cannot always prevent child abuse from happening, we can have an enormous impact on what comes next.  Each of us can play a role when it comes to providing children and families with a path to recover and thrive.  What could be more important than that? – Christy Dzikowicz, Executive Director of Toba Centre for Children and Youth.

As a community, we share a responsibility for children’s safety and well-being. We are calling on all Manitobans to become part of the team protecting children. Throughout Child Abuse Awareness Month, we are urging Manitobans to join the team and #GoBlueToba to stand in solidarity with, and honour the resiliency of, all those who have been impacted by child abuse.

Throughout the month, we will be engaging individuals, groups, schools, businesses, and communities to show their support by:

  1. Wearing blue on October 24th: We encourage everyone to show their support by wearing blue on October 24th, post photos on social with #GoBlueToba. 
  2. Hosting an event: Organize an awareness raising event and/or fundraising event with Toba Centre as the beneficiary. 
  3. Visiting local businesses who are supporting #GoBlueToba: Follow Toba Centre on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to see who is going blue!

Manitoba, let’s send a message to children and families impacted by abuse that we stand with them and support them as a community.