Toba Helping Hounds

Meet Toba Centre’s Helping Hounds, DWW Duke and DWW Booster.

Our favourite furry friends bring comfort to children and families attending our centre, reducing any stress or anxiety they may be experiencing. They can greet children and families, join in meetings, and be present with children and youth during their interviews.

Most of all, they are much beloved companions to staff and visitors alike!

Toba's Helping Hounds

Meet DWW Duke

DWW Duke was born and raised in Alberta. He is a laid-back kinda guy, who is super friendly and loves to meet new people.


Birthday: May 30, 2020

Favourite Activities: Playing Tug

Special Treat: Ice Cream

Likes: Walks, Snuggling

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Trained By: Dogs with Wings

Meet DWW Booster

Meet DWW Booster

DWW Booster was born in British Columbia and raised in Alberta. Booster is an outgoing guy who enjoys spending time with the kids, families and professionals who visit our Centre.


Birthday: February 25, 2020

Favourite Activities: Playing Jolly Ball

Special Treat: Bananas

Likes: Running, Meeting People

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Trained By: Dogs with Wings

Help support the Helping Hounds Program. Because of your giving, we are able to better support the children and families that come through our doors. We can’t do our work without your help!

Dogs with wings

– Doris Day

Dogs With Wings

DWW Duke and DWW Booster come from Dogs with Wings (DWW), an Alberta-based organization that has been changing lives for the better since 1996. Dogs in their program are only three days old when their special care and training begins. They are also accredited by the Assistance Dogs international program. That means DWW Duke and DWW Booster are trained to the highest possible standards.

Toba Centre is proud to be DWW’s first Manitoba partner, and we’re sure that we won’t be the last!

DWW with wings
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